Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dear Doc Bromer is born

We all love our town of Lac Brome!  Call it Knowlton or Lac Brome or Brome Lake, more specifically Foster, Bondville, Iron Hill, East Hill, Fulford or West Brome, it's all what we call home.
Now where do we get news or where can people express their comments?  In English or in Français?

There is the Brome County News, which is driven by Frank Nixon's agenda, a doubtful reporter that tends to the need of a few friends downtown Knowlton.  Obviously the BCN as we know it is thin and good material to start the fire in the morning... but has tendencies to look like the local Fox news, right wing radical agenda.

Then there is the infamous Bromelakeblog, the brain child of Morris Croghan, a well know anti-French, anti government, anti anything that is not like him.  Morris is well known for his well written, a touch of irony, English literature, that tends the xenophobic passion he has for separatists, as for him if you are French you must be a separatist and should be sent to the Gulag.  His blog had everything but is only now a skeleton where one old mayor, Stanley Neil and a few other radicals are festering the ideas of separatism's within the town of Vile Lac Brome like he calls it.  We all love reading this local Honey BooBoo character! but that does not help much debating ideas on our future other than calling names.

Then there is the Tempo, which is an institution of sort, that pussy foot around topics, never mingles into controversy and is much more interested in the advertisements of our numerous real estates barons.  A good local print but again, not a place where debate occurs as it takes them 3 weeks to print an idea, 6 more to print an answer... The Tempo is in a time warp as far as news goes, but we like it for their in depth articles like Can you believe it?  Maybe they will update their Facebook page one day.

Next there are the indirect newspaper, like Le Guide, an interesting newspaper from Cowansville, busy reporting on the progress of Cowansville, and once in a while sending a reporter to venture East into Lac Brome territory.  They do not cover council meetings here, but are interested in advertiser.  Don't expect much from Le Guide, but it's free in our publi-sacs.  It is a better fire starting paper than BCN, more pages, a bit thicker!

Last one worth mentioning is the Voix de l'Est, a Granby-centric newspaper owned by La Presse.  Most of their journalists don't understand English, so they don't venture around here and are missing the boat 90% of the time.  As far as journalism, they are the best, but our debates are mostly fought in English, so that's like reporting on issues in Nunavut for them, not of any interests unless there is a murder or some cherry perfume leak at LEK.

So there you have it, this new Dear Doc Bromer will hopefully allow our population to discuss, exchange and maybe evolve into a great community like it used to be.  We have lots of issues to fix, we have a great environment, we have amazing people around here, there is no reason why this place should not be as glamorous and exciting like it used to be.

Doc Bromer is just me, an individual that hopes more individuals will share their stories, their point of views and we'll have fun at least if it is not too late to save our beautiful groups of hamlets and villages in this Town of Lac Brome.
Vos commentaires en français sont les bienvenues, ce blog vous invite aussi à participer!

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